‘The Bible Encounter’

The Bible Encounter: New Evidence for the Original Text

Featuring in Person: Prof. Jack Cascione, Professor, author, featured lecturer.

Hosted by: Emmanuel Lutheran Church; Dearborn, MI Friday evening & Saturday, October 5-6, 2018

Abstract: Prof. Jack Cascione will present the results of 40 years of groundbreaking research and analyze the Holy Scriptures as a divine literary artifact. The Bible Encounter will examine unexplored subjects and provide answers to questions such as: 1. The Dead Sea Scrolls Versus the Masoretic Text? 2. Who wrote the Bible? 3. How is the Biblical text different from any other book? 4. Do we have the original text of the Bible? 5. Can we authenticate ages of the Genesis patriarchs, the long ending of Mark, the authorship of Genesis and Revelation, the unity of Scripture, and more? The seminar will focus on the presence, significance, and meaning of newly observed literary forms in the Bible accessible to anyone with a laptop computer. This research does not uncover hidden meaning or prophecy, but previously unobserved order in the original text from Genesis to Revelation. The Bible Encounter will encourage the faithful, inform the inquisitive, and challenge the skeptic with Divine creativity that rivals molecular structure and DNA in the natural world.

Place: Emmanuel Lutheran Church, 800 South Military; Dearborn, MI 48124

Date/Time: Friday, October 5 @ 7 pm; Saturday Oct. 6 @ 9 am Charge: $45. ($25 for attending spouses; $35. for students) Contact: 313-565-4002 to get registration information (Register early; attendance limited to 100) All are welcome!

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