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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Synodical Affiliation of Emmanuel Lutheran Church?
    • Emmanuel Lutheran Church is in fellowship with the Lutheran Church- Missouri Synod and observes her doctrine and practices according to the confessions of the Lutheran Church.
  • What does Emmanuel Lutheran Church believe and teach?
    • The faith and practice thereof at Emmanuel is in conformity with the Lutheran Confessions of the 16th century by which the church was reformed of the many errors in doctrine found in Roman Catholicism. The Lutheran Church maintains as many of the innocent traditions that have been useful for instruction and keeping good order in the Church. None of these are valued as part of our salvation, though, since Christ has done everything necessary to save us through His death. All that is done in the Church and every doctrine taught in the Bible hinges on the Reformation theme of Christ alone. He has done all to save us, so we place all of our faith in Him, and not ourselves or anything we are or have done. For more information on what we believe, you may view the Belief and Practice page on the Synod’s website.
  • How can I become a member?
    • If you are currently a member of another LCMS congregation, you may transfer your membership to Emmanuel. Having worshiped at Emmanuel and determined that she teaches the Word of God in its fullness and purity, you may tell our pastor that you intend on transferring and he will guide you through the transfer.
    • If you have formerly belonged to an LCMS congregation and your membership lapsed for inactivity or excommunication, you should speak to our pastor. If repentance is expressed, you may be received through affirmation of faith.
    • If you are not Lutheran, you may join after being enrolled in a 13-16 week class explaining the basics of Christian faith. Those not baptized may receive that grace after some instruction and full participation in the rites of the church is granted through the rite of Confirmation which marks the completion of the class.
  • Does Emmanuel practice traditional or contemporary worship?
    • Because we manifest the church of all places and times and she is the eternal bride of Christ, we reject the concept of contemporary worship. Our worship is not based on anything temporary or invented in our preverse and evil generation. We are the same church, gathered around the God who does not change; the same God that Adam and Eve, Jesus and His disciples, Luther and his confessors, and our grandparents were gathered into. Therefore we worship using a historic liturgy that the church of all times would recognize as based upon God’s words and we do our best to speak the Biblical language and sing sacred messages of our solid hymns, realizing that our worship is flawed by our sinful and weary nature.
  • What should I wear to church?
    • Keeping in mind that you are coming to worship your God, it is best to come to Emmanuel Lutheran Church in modest clothes that don’t distract other members from Christ. Our members come every Sunday wearing anything from nice jeans and a button-down shirt to a 3-piece suit. There is never any reason to be self-conscious. Saturday services are usually more casual, yet still appropriate for worship.
  • Who can receive communion?
    • Emmanuel observes the Biblical, apostolic practice of closed communion. Only those whose faith has been instructed and is united to our confession may communion at our altar. This is primarily for two reasons. One, that St. Paul warns that those who do not have faith to discerned the Lord’s Body present in the Communion receive the body of Christ to their condemnation (1 Cor. 11.29) and we for our part do not wish to contribute to that guilt by not being careful to instruct and hear the confession of those who commune. Secondly, communing together is a confession of unity in faith. Therefore we do not express that unity with those belonging to fellowships that are not in unity with us in faith. Communing a person in an erring faith does nothing correct the error, but would, in effect, show support and agreement with the error. Correction can only be done through instruction in the Word of God. That correction must be done before communing those of other faiths. At our altar truth and error are not regarded as the same as in modern Evangelicalism, which practices open communion and people are given permission to teach and confess whatever they want, regardless of what the Bible plainly teaches.
  • Is the Church wheelchair accessible?
    • Absolutely! Emmanuel Lutheran Church is equipped with an elevator that stops parking lot-level, sanctuary-level, and fellowship hall-level. We also have an abundance of parking spaces.