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Our Missouri Synod congregation believes and practices the faith of historic Christianity.

Our theology and practice are formed by the Holy Word of God (the Bible) as confessed by the Lutheran Confessions of the 16th Century. Emmanuel Lutheran has served our community as a witness to Christ, our Lord, since 1895. Our worship and what we teach express the faith once given and earned by our Lord for His church unto the end. Our Divine Service utilize the historic liturgy handed down from the ancient church, adorned with the best preaching and edifying, Word-rich music that we can pass on to our community from the abundant grace and blessing from our Lord. Our Lord is present among us, according to His promise (Matthew 18:20 ff) and we receive Him by faith as the Holy Spirit delivers Him into our ears, mouths, and hearts for our joy and edification.

We at Emmanuel are committed to follow our Lord’s commands and witness to Him unto the growth of His Kingdom. This website is prayerfully offered to our community and the world in His Name and to His glory, so that many would be blessed by His Word among us, and come and receive Him in flesh and blood as we by His Grace are His body in this community. We hope that you will become part of us if you have the opportunity, to join us in the mourning of our sins and the rejoicing in Christ’s victory. Let us all witness and save those who are still in the darkness of their sins and in the fear of death.

Come and join our congregation. Hear the Word. Come visit and know we pray for your soul so that you might also rejoice in Christ and all his gifts for you and your children. We also offer an accredited Lutheran Grade School (preschool through 8th grade). Let us help parents raise children in the fear and admonition of the Lord to His glory and their joy!