Annual Apologetics Conference

Apologetics is a Biblical word which is found in 1 Peter 3:15b: “always being prepared to make a (apologia) defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you.”

Every year we bring together some of the leading apologists in the church to discuss topics of interest to those who may or may not be members of Christ’s Church.  This conference was begun in 2007 under the inspiration and leadership of the Rev. Rodney Zwonitzer, who now enjoys retirement after serving as the Director of Broadcast Services for the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod in Missouri.  Previous years’ topics and speakers include:

2007 – Dr. Angus Menuge: “Intelligent Design or Darwinism?” & Dr. Jeffrey Kloha: “Did We Got the Right Bible?”

2008 – Dr. Adam Francisco: “Christians and the Challenge of Islam; a Balanced View”

2009 – Game Show Format for Discernment: “To Tell the Truth, Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up?”

2010 – Professor and Composer Terry Herald: “The Power of Music: Positive, Negative, and Neutral”

2011 – Rev. John T. Pless: “Human Beings or Persons? Conflicting World Views”

2012 – Rev. Todd Wilken: “On-line Apologetics: The Free Marketplace of Ideas, Opinions, and Just Plain Stupidity”

2013 – Rev. Jonathan Fisk: “Broken,” and “How Not to Let the Zombie Apocalypse Get You Down”

2014 –

2015 – Rev. Joel R. Baseley:

2016 – Rev. John T. Pless:

2017 –